Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- Retail Packaging – Jet Black

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  1. user8542
    February 9, 2014 at 12:33 pm

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    One of the finest gadgets!!, October 22, 2013

    By Krishna Misra (Pune, India) –

    This review is from: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- Retail Packaging – Jet Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Before I write anything about this amazing watch, I advise you to just ignore the critics review(cnet, pcmag etc etc) for this watch. I didn’t understand why they were so negative about this.
    I believe watches are traditionally known to do perfectly what they are supposed to do. Considering the fact that it is just a watch, there is no point putting too many features and making the watch too complex to use. In this criteria this watch fits very well.
    Here is what I feel about this watch:

    1) Design & Look and Feel: The watch design and look and feel is too good and I felt really nice when I wore it. If you watch savvy and have been wearing tissot, citizen sports watches, your experience is going to be same.
    2) Watch Size: Good for people with reasonably thick wrist. Skinny folks with thin wrist may not find it suitable and probably same goes for very thick wrist.
    3) Features: This watch does well what it claims to do. I am not kind of person to expect the watch to do crazy things. It has different clock types so you have choice to have a virtual watch every day in a week. However I prefer to use the default one because I like having the temperature. Besides this I loved the email & message alerts right on my wrist. I have a website for which I have placed some alerts for downtime & fraud detection, payment etc. This helps me a lot especially when my phone is far from me.
    Lot of people criticized this watch for not having SNS integration. This is common sense that all such SNS apps are not owned by Samsung and Samsung can’t influence(read force) them to release a galaxy gear version immediately. Based on the sales, user response, such apps will also come soon. I am anyway not kind of person who would hook up to facebook, twitter to follow updates. I usually see FB 1 or 2 times a week so I don’t consider this is as a problem.
    Other features like pedometer, svoice, voice memo, media controller are also there which you can use if you are familiar with them. I used pedometer & media controller and it seems pretty good.
    Also Find my mobile is a good feature if you forget your watch/phone somewhere(ofcourse within the bluetooth range), you will be able to find the it with the other device. Although find my mobile feature allows you to track your phone from samsung account also.
    Calling From watch is also a unique feature and it is very useful if you are driving. It may be embarrassing or might look show off/stupid if you use it in public especially because the call comes on watch speaker phone. There is a phone book and dialer too, which you can use for making calls.

    4) Camera: Camera was a surprise in this watch and probably the very reason the watch price is bit higher compared to Sony Smart watch 2. Although I don’t really use it very often but sometimes it does help you take a quick snap of shop address, bar codes, road signs etc. If you have a small kid, you may capture many memorable photos. The quality was good enough in day light and was a bit shabby in low light situation. I didn’t use the video recording but may be I can find some use of it later.

    5) Battery life: This was again criticized a lot. It can run only for one day with a charge. Critics didn’t mention that this watch charge very rapidly(usually within 45 to 60 min it gets a full charge). I agree that traditionally watches are no supposed to be like this but the fact is that this is not a traditional watch. Considering the features it gives, it is perfectly fine to put it for charge right next to your phone(which you anyway do daily). Whats the problem here? May be Gear 2 will come with a better battery backup but definitely this is not a huge disadvantage here.

    6) WaterProof: Yes this watch is not water proof. Since the time I started wearing watches, I never had a situation when I needed to immerse my watch in water(especially 1 meter below) and very rarely I was out in rain wearing a watch. This is surely not for use while swimming but so does Sony smart watch 2(even though it is water proof but they say to avoid use in swimming).
    It can survive few drops and splashes of water but it is better to avoid it.

    7) Bluetooth Range: Critics have given a disadvantage that if the device is too much away from phone, it gets disconnected and they say that it becomes useless junk! How it becomes useless? It still shows you time, can take pictures, ring the alarm and other features except only for the device sync up related features like mail, calendar & messaging. Well, same goes if your smart phone is out of network or wifi range. Like your phone, it also reconnects and sync up as soon as it comes in connectivity range.

    Disadvantages: Yes there are problem here too if you really find to find them.I can say the high price and that it currently works only with Note 3 and 2014 version of tablet. Price is higher probably because of camera. However…

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  2. user339
    February 9, 2014 at 12:53 pm

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    UPDATE: This is just the beginning, October 7, 2013

    By John (Cleveland, Ohio) –

    This review is from: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- Retail Packaging – Jet Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    UPDATE – 1/13/14: Shortly after I wrote my original review I returned my Gear and decided to pursue other devices. This was just before the firmware update last December. I was frustrated with the limited notifications and battery life. So I decided to try the new Qualcomm Toq. I tried the Toq for about a week and returned it.
    – Excellent battery life (7 days)
    – Always on Mirasol color display (great in sunlight)
    – Robust notification capabilities
    – Cool wireless charging case but micro-usb is still preferred.

    – You must cut the watch band for sizing – yikes!
    – Clunky design – not as comfortable to wear as the gear.
    – No voice note capability
    – Battery located at the bottom of the watch strap.
    – Confusing navigation
    – Expensive $350

    Then I decided to try the new Sony Smartwatch 2. I had this watch for three days and returned it too.
    – Nice size – not too big
    – Display can still be read after backlight shuts down
    – Good build quality
    – Good app availability
    – good battery life

    – no voice note capability
    – vibrate mode is loud and can not be adjusted
    – confusing navigation

    So after all of that I re-purchased the Galaxy Gear yesterday! The new firmware update brings two major enhancements – usable notifications for all apps and extended battery life (from 24 hours to 48 hours). Things I appreciate about the Gear after reviewing the Toq and Smartwatch 2:
    1) Design and build quality is superior
    2) Ability to make voice notes is very useful for me
    3) The display is best in class at the moment
    4) The interface both on the phone and the watch is polished and intuitive
    5) Camera seems odd but can be useful in the right situations

    I’ve been using the Galaxy Gear watch for a few days now along with the new Note 3 which I received last week. There have been a lot of negative reviews about this product but I don’t think the reviewers fully understand the full potential of this product. This is a well designed and nicely made 1.0 wearable digital device with limited software and application support. As the software matures and the number of apps increase this device will get better an better.

    I don’t see any large manufacturer like Apple or Samsung producing a smartwatch that isn’t dependent on their phone platform. They don’t want to cannibalize their handset market. I have a feeling apple’s upcoming wearable will have the same limitations and constraints as the Galaxy Gear.

    What’s smart:
    – S-Memo – ability to make voice notes by talking to your watch and have them transcribed and stored on your device.
    – Camera – actually takes surprisingly good photos
    – Mail/SMS notifications – you can read them on the watch including mail accounts from gmail, hotmail, etc.
    – S-Voice interface to make calls, send texts, etc.
    – Build quality seems to be very good
    – Comfortable to wear – not as big and clunky as I thought it would be on my wrist

    What’s not so smart:
    – Native support for other apps like gmail and Facebook are just notifications – you have to use your phone to read the content.
    – Battery life is about 24 hours
    – Limited app support but I expect this to get dramatically better soon

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  3. user5560
    February 9, 2014 at 1:06 pm

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Easy Setup, Nifty Device, October 16, 2013

    By Joel “Software Engineer” (Jonesboro, GA, United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- Retail Packaging – Jet Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 9:29 Mins

    At the time I am writing this review the Galaxy Gear is designed to work with two devices; the Galaxy Note 3 (phone), and the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition (tablet). Though there is word that Samsung is about to roll out the update to the unbranded Galaxy S4’s to give them compatibility. I am using this watch with the Note 3. The phone comes in packaging of the same style as the Note 3. In the box you’ll find the watch, a Micro USB charger, the charging “cradle”, and some manuals. Before being able to make use of the watch it is going to need to be charged; it had just enough power to tell me to charge it.

    I let the watch charge to 100% and installed the application “Gear Manager” from the Samsung app store. Since Bluetooth and NFC were already enabled on my phone once the application was installed all I needed to do was tap the phone to the back of the charger. The devices discovered each other and I only had to click on OK on the phone and watch to complete the pairing.

    As soon as the watch was paired I got to see alerts coming up on the phone and the watch; an incoming text message shows up on both. It’s possible to select the notifications that will show up on the phone (SMS, E-Mail, Facebook, Google Hangouts, phone calls, and more). With setup complete I started using the watch. While you can have notifications show for almost any application one could divide the notifications into two groups. There are the notifications from the applications that Gear Manager recognize which let you see information on the notification (ex: the name of a person that send an instant message along with the content of the message) or those that contain no information other than the name of the application that is trying to notify you (ex:For a Facebook notification the watch will tell you to look at your device for details).

    The watch has a single multi-purpose button on the right side and a touch screen. The button when double-pressed by default will cause the watch to start listening for a voice command. It can be changed as a short-cut for some other action. If you’ve already used S-voice on your phone then you already have an idea the commands that can be issued to it. “Call Jenny”, “Text Jim”, “What’s the weather like?”, “When’s my next appointment.” The command set that can be used is a subset of the S-voice command set. I’ve found that some commands (such as those centered on street navigation) can’t be issued through the watch.

    Any time I lift my arm to look at the watch it automatically detects this motion and turns on the screen. While this is generally just what I need it to do there are times when it turns on when I don’t need to see the display, such as when I am driving. In general I take off the watch when I am driving and put it on its charger. It general recharges at a rate of slightly faster than 1% per minute.

    There’s an option to have the watch unlock the phone. With this option enabled once you walk more than several feet from your watch the screen automatically locks. When you come close to your watch it automatically unlocks.

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